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The History Of Easispice

Easispice Manufacturers Limited, a family run business, came into being in 1966 born out of the vision of the founder, the late Karam S. Josephs, to create a line of blended seasonings to simplify the day to day household cooking chores of people on the go.

It started from humble beginnings, utilizing manual grinding, blending and packaging with coal heated clothes irons for sealing, within the confines of a very limited working space. Presently, under the guidance of Mr. Josephs’ wife and co-founder Mrs. Carmen Ramson-Josephs and her son Mr. Peter Ramson (CEO), the business has expanded significantly utilizing some 8100 sq ft of factory space with automatic packaging and processing machinery, facilitating efficient production.

L-R: Mr. David Massey, Miss Wendy Ramson, Mr. Peter Ramson  & Mr. Shaun McKenzie seated Mrs. Carmen Ramson-Josephs
Easispice Executives
L-R Mr. David Massey, Miss Wendy Ramson,
Mr. Peter Ramson (CEO) & Mr. Shaun McKenzie
seated: Mrs. Carmen Ramson-Josephs (co-founder)

A wide range of seasonings and spices are available, all catering to the truly Jamaican palate and are marketed and distributed throughout Jamaica and internationally by Chas E. Ramson Ltd., Falcon Marketing, TrinJam Distributors, First World Imports, Amalgamated Distributors Ltd. and Sunland Caribbean Food Imports.

hand grinder and iron
Don’t despise this small beginning!
A hand grinder and cast iron clothes iron, relics of the early days of Easispice manufacturing, can be found adorning the entrance of the modern day factory in Chantilly, Westmoreland, Jamaica.
Karam Josephs
Karam Josephs founder of Easispice Ltd.

Our Longest Serving Employee

Mr. Spence & John
Longest Serving Employee: Mr. Hubert Spence
Mr. Hubert Spence (L) with co-worker Mr. John Stevens(R)

Mr. Hubert Spence is the longest serving employee of Easispice Manufacturers Ltd., having been with the organisation since its inception in 1966. Mr. Spence has spent the greater part of his life transporting and delivering our products to our valued customers across the length and breadth of Jamaica.

At Easispice Manufacturers Limited we treat all of our employees like a part of our family. The longevity of Mr. Spence’s service is a testament to this fact.

The Winning Team!

Easispice Staff
The Winning Team!
Management & Staff of Easispice Manufacturers Ltd., Chantilly, Westmoreland, Jamaica