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  1. I’ve grown to know easispice as the oldest and it is theeeeeeeee number one seasoning around don’t think there is any other seasoning which could ever come close to this one I love it awesomeness!!!!!!! :-)… Thanks to easispice for flavoring my pots

  2. I have been to Jamaica 4 times and I love the flavor of Jerk. My friend just came back from Jamaica and brought me a pouch of the Easispice Jerk Seasoning and I put some on some ribs and cooked them low and slow for about an hour and it brings back the memories of a beautiful land. Makes me want to visit again. Easispce is truly a great spice company. I recommend you to purchase any of these spices.

  3. Love this spice and I love your Country!! We brought some back from our January trip and I just ordered more!! The BEST SPICE ever!!

  4. I own an Jamaican Grocery Store in the state of Maine USA and my customers kept asking for this Easispice. Finally I got some and decided to try it and I then understood what all the buzz around Easispice was. The product is amazing there are no comparison. I just wish I could get a constant supply because I am always out of stock.

  5. I’ve been to Jamaica on several occasions,I love going to the markets out there and the stores to buy my seasonings.Now that I have ran out of them,trying to find where I can get some more.

  6. Please add some recipes to your web page when you have a chance. First time user and while I can create my own, it is helpful to have suggestions…. can’t wait to try it! It was recommended by one of the Jamaican Chefs so I know it is great 🙂

  7. Greetings!
    I was a missionary teacher from 1983 to 2006 at Caribbean Wesleyan Colllege, Torrington. I enjoyed your products during those days. Now I am looking for a way to purchase your goods. Is there any way I can buy from Japan?
    Paul Ueki

  8. Peter and his staff “put their foot in it!” Great seasoning, and Peter is the best Father in Law I’ve ever had!

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