Jar Seasonings

Easispice Jar
Easispice Jar Seasonings offer our product packaged in a very convenient and easy to use form. Each case contains 24 jars.

Available Seasonings & Spices:

Meat Seasoning (24*114gm)
Chicken Seasoning (24*110gm)
Fish Seasoning (24*115gm)
Pork Seasoning (24*82gm)
Seasoned Curry (24*68gm)
Curry Powder (24*57.7gm)
Black Pepper (24*68gm)
Garlic Powder (24*84.5gm)
Barbecue Seasoning (24*89gm)
Jerk Seasoning (24*77gm)
Ground Pimento (24*43gm)
All Purpose Seasoning (24*95gm)
Oxtail Seasoning (24*114gm)